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Welcome to Blood Creek, a fully functional western town complete with a saloon, sheriffs office and jail, bank, mercantile (general store), undertakers office and cemetery.
Step back in time to the days of the Wild West when justice was served from the barrel of a gun. Walk the street of Blood Creek and taste the black powder as you feel the fury in this town from long ago.

Blood Creek is located 6 miles from infamy and just south of your front door. Six Gun Entertainment is proud to announce that this complete film set is 100% mobile and can be brought to your next event or production. Our talented set builders can mobilize this town and have it risen from the ashes of its past within a matter of hours.
So whether you need just the saloon for your party or event or the entire town for your next production just call the talented staff of Six Gun Entertainment and let us show you how we can bring the boomtown of Blood Creek to life for you today.

Upon request please note that the town of Blood Creek can come to full life with authentic wardrobe townsfolk, lawmen, saloon doves, cowboys, and gunslingers.  Six Gun Justice Gunfighters are professional actors, actresses, stuntmen, and trained experts from all walks of the entertainment industry.

                           Call Six Gun Entertainment today for pricing and scheduled availability.        
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