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 Six Gun Entertainment is available for hire for any and all projects including but not limited to.. Private & Industry Appearance "Meet & Greets", Corporate Events, Print Work, Radio & Television Commercials, Television & Motion Picture Films.


This performance package encompasses authentic characters in wardrobe from the 1880s historical time era mingling and interfacing with your audience and performing original shows exclusively developed by Six Gun Entertainment. Cast members will act and interact, in full character, and engage your guests as though they have stepped back in time with the gunslingers and other historical characters. The dialogue will be authentic and reflect the time period they represent. A true western experience for guests who will feel like they are participating in the real glory of the wild frontier.

• Time: Two-hour minimum
• Show count: Two
• Stage: No
• Sound: No
• Lights: No
• Gunfire: to be determined by client

This unique package features a multitude of colorful western actors and actresses including lawmen, ladies of the night and cutthroat outlaws. Set on a professional stage that represents the authentic dusty towns of the Wild West, this package includes shows exclusively developed by Six Gun Entertainment that will stun the audience with its realism and professionally choreographed content.

In-between the various shows, the cast will interact with your guests by bringing the sounds, sights and special western attributes that make this package one of the most popular in the industry. The dialogue will be authentic and reflect the time period the characters represent.
A true western experience for guests who will feel like they have been transported back in time to the real Wild West.

• Time: Four -to five-hour minimum
• Show count: Three or four (to be determined by the client)
• Stage: Yes
• Sound: No
• Lights: No
• Theatrical blood: To be determined by client
• Gunfire: To be determined by client


This highly charged and explosive full entertainment package brings with it all of the fury that was the true Wild West. More than 15 stunt personnel and western actors and actresses  – which include a well known historical town Marshall and his posse, debutantes of the town, savory saloon seductresses and wanted, deadly outlaws – performing live on a professional set that mirrors the bona fide boom towns of the Wild West.

In addition, these action-packed shows encompass the sounds, sights, thunder and excitement that will make your guests feel as though they are watching a live western movie unfold before their eyes. Your audience will see fistfights, gunfights and Hollywood stunt performances that have shaped the western film genre over the years.

This package includes a full production crew that will orchestrate the lighting, music and filming of the shows as the audience experiences it live. A realistic set of jaw dropping performances that will draw your viewers into the six-gun action and hold them hostage from the beginning through the high impact finale.

Between the fiery and hair raising shows, the cast will interact with your guests and be available for photo opportunities and autographs.

This package is for promoters, event planners and Wild West-aficionados who want the ultimate Wild West experience and all of its historical, action-packed pure authentic fury.

• Time: Five-plus hours
• Show count: Five to eight
• Stage: Yes
• Camera crew: Yes
• Sound: Yes
• Lights: Yes
• Theatrical stunt materials: To be determined by client
• Gunfire: To be determined by client


 Spread the Lead (drama)
A hard-hitting story about a gang of outlaws who blaze into a sleepy, dusty town to pillage and overrun it. They are met with resistance from local town folks who have no other choice than to fend off the cutthroat killers – or at least try – until the special marshal and his deputies arrive.  

  Six Gone Bad (romance-drama)
This tragic tale features on one outlaw in search of love and changing his ways. He attempts to escape from his tortured past, marry a beautiful dance hall lady, and change both their lives. However, the cards of destiny deal a hand of tragedy bringing this love story to a dramatic and explosive end.

  The Reckoning (suspense-drama)
A dark twisted tale bent on vengeance and hate when two strangers worlds intertwine in a dusty border town saloon. One man seeks retribution while the other seeks resolve. Their destinies collide leading to the ultimate decision of  "do unto others" or "an eye for an eye".   

  Three of a Kind (suspense-drama)
A blood soaked fable about three strangers who cross paths in a wild and lawless boom-town only to discover quickly they all have one thing in common – that they are women forging a path of survival in a time when merciless men ruled. Riding the winds of change, they team together and set forth to brand their mark on frontier justice. 




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